Terms and Conditions


By being in CBEA-CHILD CARE SERVICE(C-CHILD CARE) and using its facility, whether regular or temporary, the customer whose name and signature appears below, signifies that I have read, understood and agreed to the following general conditions:

  1. All parents and guardians must register before their children/ward can enter.
  2. Parents and guardians are required to disclose any special needs or medical attention of the child prior to registration. Children with special needs have to be accompanied by a parent/guardian. The parent/guardian shall be responsible for all consequences arising from such a condition while on the premises.
  3. The Parent/Guardian shall ensure that at least one of the phone numbers provided is accessible for the entire duration of the child’s stay inside C-CHILD CARE.
  4. For the protection of the children, only the guardian or the parent who is registered can pick up the child. We will only release your child to people whom you have given authorization on the registration form and they will be responsible for their child after release from the staff members.
  5. Guardians must be eighteen (18) years old and above and must supervise the child at all times and are responsible for the child even while on the premises of C-CHILD CARE.
  6. Adults who need to accompany their kids inside must wear socks at all times when inside the area and should refrain from making loud noise or the use of vulgar words. Adults who are just waiting for their kids to finish their activities have to stay outside the premises and must come back 5 minutes before the time.
  7. Parents/guardians are encouraged to pick up their children at the appointed time. Applicable rates will be charged when the child remains in the area for more than five minutes after the end of the appointed time. Adults can drop their kids off five (5) minutes before the time. Appreciable rates will be charged if the child is earlier than the five minutes given. If the child is not claimed upon closing hours, the management shall turn over the child to a relevant government agency or the appropriate non-governmental organization.
  8. Nine (9) years old and above are not allowed to enter the play area.
  9. Eating and drinking must be done only in the waiting area.
  10. Customers are requested to help maintain the cleanliness of the area, and to refrain from leaving trash or spitting within the area.
  11. Sharp objects including accessories and toys are not allowed inside and should be removed before admission into the area to prevent injuries.
  12. The customers shall be responsible for any of their personal items or valuables when inside the premises. The management and staff shall not be responsible for the items lost on the premises.
  13. Adults and kids are not allowed to take out toys and other equipment from the premises.
  14. Parents/ guardians shall be responsible for any damage to property and/or injury to others, caused by their child while in the play area.
  15. The management shall not reimburse payment in the events that cannot be avoided, like disaster or danger in the surroundings that may cause use of the facility to be cut short.
  16. Parents and guardians are required to immediately take action to end any violent behavior of their children that may lead to their injury or injure other children in the area.
  17. Running inside the area must be avoided as this may lead to injury.
  18. The management may refuse entry or remove from the area, children who exhibit inappropriate behavior without a refund.
  19. For our customers’ safety, children who are suffering from flu, cough, colds, skin diseases or are afflicted by other injuries and infectious diseases are requested to postpone their visit to C-CHILD CARE, and in the exercise of prudence, C-CHILD CARE may also refuse admission for this reason.
  20. In case the child has visible symptoms of sickness, does not feel well, or has a 37.5 temperature, the management will call the parents/guardian for pick up without a refund. (Refer to other regulations stipulated in a different section [page] while the COVID-19 pandemic is prevalent.)
  21. In the event of emergencies, parents/guardians shall be called to fetch their child/children.
  22. Our staff are trained to handle children. In the event of accidents, our staff may administer standard first aid measures, and/or seek medical attention if necessary. We undertake reasonable efforts to ensure the safety and welfare of your children. By availing our services, parents and guardians agree to free from any liability the management, employees, staff and agents of C-CHILD CARE from any incidents, accidents, injuries, and death that may occur beyond our control and without fault on our part.
  23. C-CHILD CARE and its employees shall not be liable for any accidents, injuries or losses that take place inside or outside the facility.
  24. Kids can borrow t-shirts or shorts if necessary and must be returned within 3 days or will have the penalty of P200.
  25. Parents must notify C-CHILD CARE in writing if there are changes with address or phone numbers for us to have current information on your children in case of an emergency.
  26. These rules and regulations shall form part of the contract for the use of facilities.
  27. Guardians are requested to follow all instructions and notices from the area’s facility staff.
  28. When you take photos and videos of your child, please be very careful not to include other children at C-CHILD CARE. When or if other children are in your pictures or videos, please do not post them on blogs, SNS and other Internet related postings. We also ask you not to use them for non-Internet public usages. There are guardians and parents who do not wish their child to appear on public contents and scenes for privacy protection reasons.
  29. Provide nutritious meals and snacks for your child, adhering to any dietary restrictions specified.
    Communicate any allergies or dietary concerns to the C-CHILD CARE.
  30. Treat C-CHILD CARE staff, other parents/guardians, and children with respect and courtesy. Address any conflicts or concerns through appropriate channels.

Parent’s/Guardian’s signature over printed name and date

Date Enrolled:
Valid until:

Non-members: Required to sign the regulation each time when depositing a child.